Overcoming a Difficult Childhood

Overcoming a difficult childhood is, I believe, one of the greatest of human triumphs. As children, we are vulnerable and dependent on adults to protect, nurture and guide us. Our parents and other authority figures provide our earliest role models from whom we learn about relationships.

Many of us face one or more of the following challenges at some point along the path to adulthood:


In my studies of neuroscience, I’ve learned that the brain is more resilient and better able to heal from negative experiences and to reshape beliefs and behavior patterns than we previously thought was possible.

In my practice, I use many tools to help adults who’ve been hurt or hindered by difficult experiences to heal, catch up and enjoy their lives. These tools include:

If you believe you have been handicapped by difficulties in childhood, you don’t need to stay stuck. I invite you to call and discuss your situation to see if therapy might be of value.

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